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Automate Driver Coaching

Are Your Fleet Drivers Aggressive or Distracted and Putting Your Company At Risk? Get Them an Automated Driver Training Program.

The Predictive Coach Add-In identifies poor driver-behavior based on data from the Geotab GO device, then automatically assigns relevant behavior-based training to the specific driver while documenting the corrective action for management. Predictive Coach monitors driver behavior exceptions such as speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and lack of seat belt use.

Predictive Coach helps managers and administrators:

  • Create & maintain better drivers
  • Reduce the workload which telematics reporting & driver discipline can place on managers and administrators
  • Provide quality driver training content automatically
  • Dramatically reduce willful negligence caused by having telematics data and not actively managing driver issues
  • Predictive Coach answers the questions generated by reports and alerts,
  • Okay, I know the challenges my drivers are facing, now what? How do I get them to improve? Protect your business with Predictive Coach


GPS Tracker Logs Unwanted Behavior

Reckless Driving

Mobile Training App

Predictive Coach Driver Training

Features & Benefits


  • Proprietary proactive defensive driving training directly related to specific driver behavior obtained from the Geotab tracking solution
  • Fun, interactive and includes knowledge checks
  • Training materials are short, i.e., 3-5 min in length
  • Automatically deliver training, no need for management involvement
  • Automatic documentation of training assigned, past-due, and completed
  • Easy to use management dashboard
  • Patented software


  • Saves lives!
  • Significantly reduces fleet & risk management workload through automation
  • Protects the organization from willful negligence
  • May lower insurance rates
  • Marketable orientation towards safety
  • Extremely easy to get started will help you manage your entire telematics solution
  • Very cost-effective often, you reduce your expenses through insurance savings and/or shifting existing training expenses to an automated solution with behavior-based training.