Are You Optimizing Routes?

In the world of transporting and delivering goods and services, some companies pay more attention to optimizing routes than others. Those that invest time and energy into route optimization have found that it pays off in spades. Even emergency service providers that cannot plan their routes in advance, can benefit from optimizing each new service call based on shortest route and current road conditions.

Optimizing Routes

Never Too Small To Be Efficient

Whether you have a fleet of 5 vehicles all doing the same job or a fleet of hundreds with multiple specialties and special purpose vehicles, there is a routing and scheduling application available to meet your needs. Route optimization has gained so much traction that one of our premier GPS platforms offers out of the box integration with 9 or more route optimization specialty providers.

Manual routing and optimizing is time consuming, frustrating and a lot of hard work. Once done, any number of things can change making the entire route that you planned so carefully mediocre at best. What if you could easily change and transmit a revised route, knowing that the best optimization choices have been made? That would be a game changer!

Optimizing Routes Made Easy

Imagine uploading tomorrows work orders into a system that can tell you how many trucks are needed, what jobs to assign to what vehicles, and what routes to follow based on the parameters you pre-set in the app. Imagine the time saved on manually planning those routes alone. Then consider these potential savings:


  • Reduce fuel and labor costs by as much as 30%
  • Dispatch drivers using convenient tablet and smart phone apps.
  • Integrate with platforms alerting drivers to traffic, collisions, and other changing road conditions.
  • Increase your dispatcher’s visibility of completed and pending stops improving customer service.
  • Efficiently plan and schedule time sensitive deliveries.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by driving more efficient routes.
  • Gain a competitive edge.
Optimizing Routes with a Route Optimization Tool

Increasing Demand for Local Deliveries

In the past year, social distancing has changed the way we buy, sell, and ultimately receive goods and services. We now rely on delivery of things we used to go to the store and pick up ourselves. Companies that provide reliable service, on time delivery, and a way for customers to see where their orders or service providers are and when they will arrive are rising to the top. Integrated routing and scheduling apps are the foundation their systems are built upon.

If you are not optimizing your routes, now is the time to start. Contact us today to review your options and select an app for trial. You’ll be glad you did.

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