Flex Solar Asset Tracker

The Flex solar asset tracker represents a new evolution in the asset tracking space for the Geotab fleet management and GPS tracking lineup. Geotab has utilized the wired GO Rugged system for many years on heavy equipment. The GO Rugged reports telematics and engine fault code data on many types of equipment such as Caterpillar making it a great tool for equipment maintenance. However, this level of detail and the embedded features of the GO Rugged are not always needed.

Geotab Flex Solar GPS Tracker

Solar Asset GPS Tracker

The Flex solar asset tracker is a device ideal for asset inventory. Knowing the location of all trailers every morning from the once a day heartbeat can significantly improve asset utilization and the right sizing of your asset inventory. By selling off a single underutilized asset, you can fund a GPS tracking and telematics platform for most fleets for a lifetime.

When an asset is in motion the Flex devices recognizes the movement through an accelerometer and switches from inventory tracking to active tracking. When actively tracking, the Flex solar asset tracker will plot and transmit the trailer at a rate of once per minute. This optimized tracking provides fleet managers with the right data for the situation which keeps data costs as low as practical.

The Flex asset tracker brings many great features to the Geotab modular platform. The solar panel enables the device to provide more detail and last longer than devices that do not have a recharging capability to either internal or replaceable batteries. The solar panel gives the Flex asset tracker virtually an indefinite field life until the batteries wear out or the plastic gets brittle after many years of exposure. The Flex is IP-67 rated so it is designed to withstand mother nature and provide reliable long-term GPS tracking. Devices using replaceable batteries require someone to locate, travel to and replace the batteries which adds labor cost to managing the GPS trackers in the field.

Flex Solar Asset Tracker for Geotab

 Asset Tracker Installation – Easy!

Installing the Flex solar asset tracker is extremely easy. The Flex should be installed vertically to easily allow snow and dirt to fall or rinse off. The solar cell generally charges from zero power to full power in 4-5 days of direct summer sunlight. On cloudy days the solar cell will charge at a rate of about 40%. When fully charged the battery can go 3-4 months with no sunlight (which never happens) and continue to report once per day.

If you are looking for an asset tracker or a complete GPS tracking and telematics solution, Fleetistics offers many great options. A Fleetistics advisor will work with you to find the right fleet management solutions to meet your needs for the lowest investment.

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