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When is a Mobile App Tracking Appropriate?

Phone tracking can be an alternative to a GPS tracker when vehicle data is not needed. Phone tracking is a cost-sensitive alternative or when driving a personal vehicle for work.

Mobile App Tracking

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Mobile app tracking just makes fleet management easier, less expensive and more convenient. Utilize company phones or personal phones with privacy options.

Contact us to setup a trail account. You will be tracking in real-time in just minutes. No need to install a GPS device, deal with a harness, coordinate installation or wait for delivery.

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Try any app free for a few weeks to see if it is the right fit for your needs. Mix and match with GPS devices to find the right combination for the lowest investment.

Mobile Tracker App

1. Fleet Tracking App

Free Yourself from GPS Equipment

Access your Fleetistics ONE account and track mobile app users and installed GPS trackers from your phone. Fleetistics ONE is modestly priced, yet a very robust platform that can track vehicles, assets, IoT devices and phones in one portal.

Mobile App Tracking Features

  • SOS to dispatcher web portal
  • Frequent position update
  • Chat function
  • Send images
  • Scan QR codes
  • Read NFC and Bluetooth beacons
  • Instant location sharing
  • Connected to cloud portal for dispatch monitoring
  • Works in conjunction with vehicle tracking and asset tracking
Mobile App Tracking - Fleets

2. Fleet ONE Monitoring App

FleetisticsONE Mobile App
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Web Portal For Dispatching

Monitor Productivity

Mobile Tracking App Tractor Activity

3. Time, Mileage, & Wages

Time, Mileage & Estimated Wages

Easily track work, personal and break time. Daily reports can be emailed to administrators and employees. Location history can be viewed on the map for work miles but is hidden for personal trips. Personal trips provide mileage for taxes and to deduct from paid working hours.

Key Features

  • Work time and personal time
  • Work and personal mileage
  • Email copy of shift details or view in MyFleetistics portal
  • Personal travel is “invisible” or not shared with employer
  • Estimate wages
  • Estimate mileage reimbursement and for taxes
  • Log waypoints or “check-ins”
  • SOS alert to company, co-workers or family

The SOS feature alerts dispatchers if there is an issue. Employees on foot or working alone have a backup tool to traditional emergency services. Always call 911 first since the SOS feature is internal to your organization and relies on email notification.

Available on Android and iOS.

Time Tracking Mobile App
Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App

Personal Mode

With personal status, users can separate work tracking, time and mileage. It balances privacy with using a personal vehicle for business. 

When a user selects Personal the track data is hidden from the map. In the background the GPS data is still used to calculate mileage so the user has a record for work verse personal mileage. The time spent in personal mode is also logged so employers are not being charged for personal activities. 

User Privacy

When an employer opts for the Fleetistics mobile app time and attendance tracking service they are agreeing that personal information, is personal. This means Fleetistics does not display, or share stop locations, routes or other data without the users written or electronic permission.

Standard vs. Pro Service

Standard service is designed for individuals wanting to track mileage and time for taxes or mileage reimbursement without having a GPS tracker installed in their vehicle. Mobile app tracking is not perfect so give it a try to see if it works for you. When a shift is completed a log is stored in the users app and an Excel attachment is sent to the designated emails. Data is not shared to the portal, it is isolated to the Fleetistics mobile app.

Pro service is coming soon. Pro service displays the shift time and tracking data in the MyFleetistics portal for the employer to utilize. Employers can use the mileage information for reimbursement, productivity and other work-related data.

personal time tracking mobile app
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When to Avoid A Mobile Tracker App?

There are a few cases where a mobile tracker app will not work at all and or work well enough for your business use case. Anytime you need vehicle information that is as consistent as technology allows, diagnostic trouble codes, telematics or ELD, a vehicle tracking solution must be used. A mobile tracker app is subject to the nuances of cell phone performance which means it may be a little less consistent than an installed GPS tracker. When someone takes a phone into a building and phone tracking  is enabled, drift occurs making the map tracks look off. This drift is normal and unavoidable in phone tracking. If you want to compare data between a GPS vehicle tracking and a mobile tracker app, you have to be okay with there being differences in how the track will display.

Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App
Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App

Fleetistics Time & Attendance Scan Code for Android

Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App
Fleetistics Time and Attendance Mobile App

Fleetistics Time & Attendance Scan Code for iOS

Fleetistics Phone Tracking Application for Google
FleetisticsONE Mobile App

FleetisticsONE Scan Code for Android

Fleetistics Phone Tracking App for iOS
Fleetistics Phone Tracking Application

FleetisticsONE Scan Code for iOS

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