Fleet Credit Card

It is not just for fuel, it’s a Visa!

Unlock Efficiency, Control Costs, and Drive Success.
Fleet Management Equipment

Consolidate Fuel & Routine Purchases


Get rid of multiple credit cards and personal credit cards. Consolidate purchasing methods and ease administrative processes. One fleet credit card, one report. No more expense reports because it is updated in real-time for every charge.


Save $.02 per gal everywhere Visa is accepted.


Save an additional $.04 per gal at RaceTrac gas stations


Key Features Over WEX, Voyager, FuelMan and others


  • Purchase anything, anywhere, Visa is accepted, not just fuel
  • Limit spending amount or number of transactions
  • Enable spending categories. Fuel, home goods, travel, etc.
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Instant activation and deactivation using online portal
  • Assign the card to the driver, not the vehicle (finally!!!)
  • Keep spare cards in your office without paying a monthly fee
  • Disable card nightly, after every transaction, or not at all
  • Users can add photos and comments
  • Require receipt photos above $x amount
  • Manage cards through group polices for quick setup and changes
  • Geotab integration
Fleet credit cards for fuel Optimization

No credit agency credit check required!


Import pre-formatted .csv files into

QuickBooks Online!

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Coast Fuel Card

Applying for your fleet credit card is Fast & Easy

  • Won’t affect personal credit
  • No personal guarantee
  • Apply in minutes
  • Rewards & rebates

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Get Gas Anywhere

Since it is a Visa card, it is not limited to specific networks or brands.

View Expense Data

Stop chasing down receipts or worrying about going over your credit limit. You can easily view your fuel and spending history anytime, in real-time online. 

Security And Protection

You have total control over spending amounts, security settings, spending limits, transactions and more.

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