Maintain a Positive Public Image

DriveTRAX fills in where GPS tracking cannot provide information. As much as we love GPS tracking technology, it cannot give you the needed data in all situations. Your brand is on your fleet and every interaction with the public builds or diminishes your brand.

We have seen many situations like the one to the left which provides a terrible public perception of the city and their workers. This photo was taken alongside a busy 6 lane road during the lunch rush hour. The driver may have been on break from a 12-hour shift but the public perception is still negative.

Sleeping on the Job

What is DriveTRAX?

The DriveTRAX program automates and digitizes the traditional How’s My Driving concept. With a fully automated system, there is no need for payroll expenses. Fleetistics took this How’s My Driving concept further by integrated reports with live vehicle tracking data. We can determine if the vehicle was in the area at the time and date of the report to protect drivers from false allogations.

DriveTRAX provides another layer of insight that is provided by citizens. Fleetistics integrates the GPS tracking data with the citizen reports to keep your public perception strong.

GPS Tracking & Citizen Reporting

Focus on the Positive

The goal is not to catch employees doing something wrong. The goal should be to catch drivers doing what you want them to do, rewarding that behavior, and quickly addressing the unwanted behavior.

Unfortunately, some people don’t learn and they make a choice to work some place else, like your competitor, that isn’t using Fleetistics technology.

DriveTRAX is very cost effective alternative to a traditional How’s My Driving program, plus the value of our GPS vehicle tracking service integration.

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