Custom GPS Vehicle Tracking System – Can I do it myself?

Some people may ask this question thinking how hard can it be to create a do it yourself GPS vehicle tracking system. There is a website, GPS trackers on Amazon, and SIM cards are available at your local gas station. What could go wrong?

At Fleetistics our mission is to help customers get the right solution for the lowest investment. If this means providing a customer an IoT data-only solution, we have that. In fact, Fleetistics already has customers using an IoT-only service.

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What could go wrong?

One of the most technically challenging aspects of creating a GPS tracking system is collecting the data from a network provider such as AT&T, routing it to the right destination, and getting it into a database. Since Fleetistics has accomplished this for multiple GPS trackers and protocols, customers can pay a significantly lower fee to connect to our APIs for the data routing. Fleetistics will supply the GPS tracking device, data service, and API service. Once the GPS data is in a database on your network, the rest is up to you. Fleetistics will maintain the data processor and API in the event changes are made to the process.

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Do It Yourself GPS Vehicle Tracking

Is Do It Yourself GPS Vehicle Tracking System A Good Idea?

There is a lot of risk in trying to do this yourself. You risk time, money, and sales opportunities during the development process. If you get to the end and it does not meet expectations, you experience a significant loss.

If your organization is mapping intensive already, displaying GPS data on the map is not a far reach. Industries such as shipping, cargo, and trucking which have national or global operations may be interested in Fleetistics IoT service as a method to reduce the cost of a do it yourself GPS tracking system which can combine and normalize tracking data from multiple GPS trackers.

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