Fleet Fuel Cards for Small Fleets Address Fuel Fraud

Many fleet operators have noticed rising incidence of fuel fraud as gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise.

Top on the list is making personal purchases with a company issued credit card. Several ways this is commonly done are to dispense more fuel than the vehicles tank holds by using another container or another vehicle (often called slippage), purchasing unauthorized goods or services, and sharing a fleet fuel card with unauthorized users in exchange for cash. 

Some employers have discovered employees fraudulently using merchant loyalty programs for their personal benefit. Add to that the real risk of encountering a pump with a skimmer, and the potential for a major financial loss is compounded.

Fuel card swipe

Fleetistics Fuel Cards from Coast and WEX

One way to combat fuel fraud is to use a fleet fuel card program that is integrated with your GPS tracking and telematics. As you look at fuel cards for small fleets, be aware that the Fleetistics Coast fuel card integration is available as a standard offering to our customers as well as a Geotab add in that pulls data from othe card systems to more easily detect anomalies.

You can easily confirm the vehicle was located at the fueling location at the time the fuel was dispensed. You can monitor the gallons dispensed against the fuel tank size. Even better, you can control what kinds of purchases the card can be used for, limit the amount of fuel that can be purchased in a week, and even what grade of fuel can be purchased. Another benefit of using the Fleetistics Fleet Fuel Card is access to your account right from the MyFleetistics telematics user portal for access to basic and convenient fuel analytics. If you want to schedule reports and administer the account, the standard Coast account portal remains available.

Fleet Fuel Card Reports & Analytics

In MyFleetistics Analytics we provide a variety of ways to review your Fleetistics Fleet Fuel card data, and even if you use another provider for your GPS tracking, there is still potential for integration with your GPS tracking data. In this view we display total fuel purchased for the timeframe, and vehicles or groups you select. Diesel and gas are color coded for easy reference.

Fleet fuel card reports

The fuel summary report breaks down dollars spent for fuel and non-fuel purchases, total gallons and averages per transaction.

Fleet fuel card reports<br />

The fuel by merchant report can be sorted by any column to get to the specific information you need.

Fleet fuel card reports

The trending report gives insight into changes in your fuel usage over time. All MyFleetistics fuel reports can be exported to excel files to be combined with or compared to other performance indicators you may be tracking.

Fleet fuel card reports
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