Almost any business with a fleet is impacted by critical weather. Services like the National Weather Service can tell you the weather in general, but not always the locally critical road conditions affecting your business. Critical weather references the exceptions to routine weather which is average and does not change our daily routine. Critical weather requires adjusting how we do business and live our lives because it represents extremes. Black ice, hail, tornados and heavy rain are examples of critical weather.

With 10 years of weather data to work with, formulas have been created and tested that provide statistically significant probability of accuracy in predicting when black ice might be present, where a storm is going and the severity of a hail storm. The MyFleetView map in your account (shown above) gives you access to various map layers for evaluation.

Critical Weather Layers

Daily Operations

As fleet managers, we understand the impact weather has on our business. As weather intelligence gets better weather data becomes another variable in the decision-making process. The accuracy and timeliness of weather data determines the value of the data. The sooner the data is available the more time there is to plan or respond more effectively.

Whether trucking, service of delivery, all fleet operations are subject to weather conditions. Critical weather goes beyond fleet operations and into many areas of a business such as:

  • Customer service – customers which cannot be serviced have to be rescheduled which results in a loss of productivity and revenue
  • Administration – Service credits, billing adjustments, and service ticket administration all feel the impact of weather
  • Dispatching – Weather determines how many customers can be seen in a day, how many delays or reschedules are needed
  • Risk & Legal – Workers compensation, accident liability, and insurance vary based on weather
  • Logistics – The ability to get supplies to the right location at the right time so customers can be service or operations continued
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