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One GPS Tracking Device for OBD & J-Bus Protocols

Fleetistics proudly provides extensive information for potential customers so they can do their research and understand the breadth of the features available with the GO system. GO GPS tracking devices are the gold standard of the GPS tracking world and offer much more detail and functionality than similar less capable systems for the same price.


  • Accelerometer
  • High definition logging
  • Accident reconstruction data
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Store 30,000+ records
  • Expand with IOX such as speaker or aux input
  • OBD or J-Bus from same unit
  • Built in coaching buzzer
  • Power loss reporting
  • Cost effective
  • 10 year limited lifetime warranty

GO GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Devices

OBD/J-Bus & Solar Asset Tracker

Starting with the Right Platform

Selecting the right system from the start means fewer integration issues down the road and more flexibility to accomplish all of your fleet tracking goals. The GO system is the heart of the platform from which customers can use a wide variety of harnesses and IOX connectors to create a truly customizable configuration at the individual vehicle level or across an entire fleet. Fleetistics is confident that when you compare the GO solution with other less capable systems that you will see that the plethora of available options for the easy expansion of services is the best way to invest in a new vehicle tracking system for your fleet.

Modular Design

OBD Y harness for GPS Tracking devices


Modular design means getting what you want today or working up to it in the future. Sometimes implementing too many features can be overwhelming or beyond your current budget. The modular architecture allows customers to add future services such as (ELD) Electronic Logging Devices, FMCSA, and (HOS) Hours of Service to stay current with changing regulations.


Could it get any easier? In the simplest configuration; installation of the GO GPS tracking device into an OBD port takes just seconds. For a more hardened and commercial grade installation, a y-harness is used to move the GPS device inside the dashboard where it can be connected to the frame of the vehicle for the most accurate accelerometer data. It also has the added benefit of the GPS device being out of the reach of the driver to reduce the temptation of tampering.

Easy Installation

GPS Tracking Device installation

Track Electric Vehicles

Hybrid GPS vehicle tracker

The GO device not only works with OBD and J-Bus vehicles but it also works with many hybrid and CNG gaseous fuel vehicles. This means a single platform can be used for all commercial and government fleets that are working to be environmentally friendly.


  • State of charge
  • High voltage battery voltage
  • High voltage batter current
  • Min and Max cell voltage and position
  • Charge status
  • Charge current
  • Charge voltage
  • Electric motor RPM
  • Electric motor temperature

More Features

The GO device has a large internal memory. The memory is used to store routine data when the vehicle travels out of cellular coverage. That data is saved until the device returns to another cellular network and is then transmitted for review. The GO device can store about 30 days of routine driving or up to 4500 miles of driving. A secondary rolling memory is used to store accident data and accelerometer data. Click here to download an overview.

The logging rate of the GO device is unique. The resolution is second-by-second and the data is uploaded based on changes in speed and direction. This is the brilliance behind the engineering that provides the highest resolution in the GPS tracking industry for the same price as systems that log data every 1-2 minutes.

The accelerometer in the GO device samples data at a rate of 100 times per second. The GPS device samples data front and back, left and right, and up and down. This data is used in accident reconstruction and driver coaching.

Various harnesses give the GO device extreme flexibility. Harnesses mean one device can be utilized in OBD, J-1708, J-1939 and 3-wire installation applications. The tracking data is the same in all vehicle types.

Universal Harness Kit – Available for OBD and J-Bus

J1939 adapter harness

IOX connectors provide a path for communication between the GO device and other devices such as a tablet, Garmin, scale, driver ID and other devices. Fleetistics offers mobile device management with tablets being utilized for dispatch, ELD, and field forms.

Other devices can be integrated with the GO platform. Customers with other partners or equipment can potentially integrate so the data appears in the online application. Consulting fees and monthly fees apply.

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