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Fleetistics Training Because ROI Cannot be Achieved Without Education


Fleetistics training resources are available to all of our clients in a variety of formats. We do our best to make it easy to get the training you need.

It happens all the time, companies make a huge investment in GPS tracking, telematics and engine diagnostic technology but the fleet training never takes place to show drivers and managers how to use the system. This is mostly a manager and management issue. Managers are busy and don’t take the time and management does not make it a priority and part of routine management reviews.

By requiring everyone to attend fleet training and become Fleetistics Certified through the Fleetistics Academy management can be sure everyone has a basic understanding of what is available. Managers may not need the data today or see the value but they will recognize it when it counts. Becoming Fleetistics Certified does not take very long and is done online. Everyone from the CEO, to corporate counsel, to IT, to payroll admin should be certified. To keep the learning going certification is another step in the new manager training process so the knowledge does not fade away over time.


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Fleetistics Video Training

Visual Learning is one of the most popular self-study methods identified by Fleetistics customers. Customers which are looking for a quick answer, or simply want to learn at their own pace appreciate video-based learning resources.

Video offers a way to learn about a specific topic or listen to a previously-recorded webinar. Watching a 60-second video is often easier than contacting Fleetistics support – although we would love to hear from you!

Instructor Led Trainings

A variety of instructor-led webinars enable customers to quickly learn the basics of GPS fleet management and improve ROI, taking advantage of lessons learned by others and shared through our instructors.

This is the most popular first stop to learning and is typically followed by one-on-one training upon request.

Fleetistics Knowledge Base

We’ve gathered a comprehensive collection of GPS-related materials and made them available in our online library. Whether you’re just getting started, or need highly-detailed technical documents, you are sure to be able find what you need.