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Geotab Public Works Fleet Management


Taking total control of a public works fleet is no small job. Compliance issues and materials management concerns, routing and scheduling, all come into play on top of day-to-day fleet management when you are talking about repairing roads and winter operations.

There are lots of great hardware and software solutions available to gain visibility over these types of operations, but with Geotab you can have it all in a single platform.

This short video shows how one county took the guesswork out of managing their fleet.


From basic maintenance reminders to advanced work order management, Fleetistics offers it all.

Access Critical Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of GPS tracking systems for vehicles, assets, and equipment.

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Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

Key Features

Public Works Key Feature

One Platform for Multiple Vehicle Types

Government fleets have a wide variety of vehicle types in use. Having all the data in a single platform saves time and efforts. Manage your fleet operations all in one place.

Public Works Key Feature


Track service compliance in real time using interactive maps and geospatial reporting. Know when your fleet is meeting the standards, policies and procedures expected.

Public Works Key Feature

Improve Material Use to Manage Cost

Materials used on roads have recommended spread rates. Too much may damage the road (and the vehicles that travel on it), too little may not melt the ice or fill the hole. With the ability to record the speed of the vehicle and the rate material is dispensed, you gain control.

Public Works Key Feature


IOX integrations create added flexibility to add hardware. Extend the Geotab platform with asset & work management, GIS and public information systems.

Public Works Key Feature

GIS Mapping & Geospatial Reporting

Let your GIS Department contribute mapping to show which roads have been serviced using interactive maps and geospatial reporting.

Public Works Key Feature

Support for EVs

Meet your sustainability goals. Geotab provides critical data and analysis to help you transition seamlessly to electric vehicles where appropriate.

Public Works operations need flexible and customizable reporting.

Geotab understands your concerns and has the tools to keep you on track to meet performance benchmarks.

City of Spokane and Rubicon

City of Spokane and Rubicon

Shedding manual processes and paper records for solid waste collection

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Whatever the situation, public works agencies are vital to our communities. Whether they are fogging for mosquitoes, plowing snow or patching potholes, their operation can be improved with telematics.

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