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Engine Diagnostics Trouble Codes

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Engine Diagnostics

Get Ahead of Maintenance Issues & Reduce Unscheduled Downtime


All fleet managers know the cost and stress unscheduled downtime puts on daily operations. Getting ahead of maintenance issues improves revenue generation and customer satisfaction while reducing the rolling cost per mile.

The GO System engine diagnostics provides J-Bus data for J-1708 and J-1939 for most class 8 fleet trucking vehicles. Fleet managers can enjoy getting real-time odometer and engine light notifications to proactively schedule maintenance when it is convenient and save hours of down time every month. Data is easily fed into other fleet maintenance systems as well as 3rd party diagnostic monitoring tools.

Fleet Maintenance

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Advanced Fleet Maintenance with Engine Diagnostics


When it comes to engine diagnostic and maintenance systems, there is the GO system, and then there are the lesser systems that wish they could do what the GO system does. While the competition gives you 4-8 codes or status indicators, the GO System provides hundreds of diagnostic codes in real time depending on the make/model of the vehicle.

Simply put, it offers the most complete and advanced engine diagnostics on the market. This is why the largest fleets in the United States, Canada and Europe trust their fleet maintenance to the GO System. Fleets with up to 80,000 brown delivery box trucks and yellow rental trucks trust the GO System, but you don’t have to be on the NASDAQ to enjoy savings through maintenance automation. Customers with fleets as small as one are using the GO System every day.

Engine Diagnostics – Fault Codes

Maintenance Management



Engine fault codes are an EKG for a vehicle. Vehicles throw hundreds if not thousands of faults codes daily. Being able to manage these codes efficiently is key to knowing when to pull a vehicle and when it can keep rolling. If additional assistance is needed 3rd party partners are available to provide services to make sense of the codes.



The measurement data shows the level of severity of the faults so mechanics can more easily scan the data to determine which major issues must be attended to immediately, and which minor issues can be scheduled for maintenance at a more convenient time down the road. The web interface makes it simple to make the proper interpretations and respond quickly to severe vehicle issues.

Engine Diagnostics – Engine Measurement Data

Engine Measurement for Maintenance