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Increase Productivity, Reduce Theft
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Rugged, Reliable Construction Equipment Tracking

As a construction company, your equipment is your most expensive asset, and without it, you wouldn’t be able to do your job. Make sure you’ll know where it is 24/7 with an asset tracker.

  • Monitor Productivity
  • Locate Misplaced Equipment
  • Improve Theft Recovery
  • Engine Diagnostics (device dependent)

A battery unit can be easily moved between vehicles and assets to randomly spot check areas of concern.

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Battery Asset Tracker

Smart One Solar Construction vehicle tracker
Go rugged tracker

Increase Productivity

Track engine hours on rental equipment
Receive engine hour runtime for schedule maintenance
Set geo-fences to alert you if equipment leaves job site
Track inventory over large geographic area
Know and visualize which asset is in what area
Improved maintenance = longer service life
Stop equipment-hoarding by project managers
Can be installed on Bobcat and various construction equipment Learn more

Cut Maintenance Expenses

Inventory management is key to lowering service and maintenance expenses. Getting the closest piece of construction equipment to the jobsite to reduce trailering miles saves wages and fuel.

Maintenance expenses decrease by scheduling maintenance based on actual engine hours and not calendar days. Better maintenance, for less money, means more production from very expensive assets.

Construction Equipment
Truck accident fleet safety

Additional Features

  • Cost effective equipment
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Low monthly fees
  • Email alert options
  • Automatic position updates on a scheduled basis
  • Access account online from home, office or road
  • Built and tested for rigors of use on heavy construction equipment tracking
  • Ask about our OBD, J-1708, J-1939 systems for engine data with Geotab GO Rugged
  • BYOD – Already have GlobalStar trackers, we can integrate with them or provide you an API to access the data only

Construction Equipment Tracking

At Fleetistics, we understand the challenges of managing a fleet of construction equipment. From excavators to bulldozers, each piece of machinery plays a vital role in your operations. That’s why we’ve developed an advanced Construction Equipment Tracking solution tailored to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.
Construction Equipment Tracking
PC StealthNet
PC SolarNet

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