Winter Operations

Winter operations teams play a critical role in ensuring the safety and mobility of residents and emergency responders during the harsh winter months. From clearing snow-covered roads to salting icy surfaces, these dedicated professionals work tirelessly to maintain vital transportation networks. 

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Winter Operations Teams Provide Critical Services

When the snow blankets the roads and ice turns streets into hazardous zones, your Winter Operations Team becomes the unsung hero of community mobility. Fleetistics, your trusted partner in fleet management, empowers you to navigate the challenges of winter with precision and efficiency.

With the right telematics platform, insights are possible which may have never been considered before.

Winter Operations

Why Winter Operations Matter

Salting and plowing roads are not just tasks; they are critical services that your community relies upon. The optimization of winter maintenance operations isn’t just about keeping roads clear; it’s about ensuring the swift mobility of emergency responders and the safety of the traveling public. Fleetistics understands the significance of these services and offers solutions to enhance your winter operations.

Road Safety Optimization

Minimize collisions caused by dangerous road conditions.
Ensure prompt response times for emergency services.

Salt Usage Monitoring

Track salt usage for optimal spread rates.
Prevent overuse and reduce environmental impact.

Plowing Activity Oversight

Monitor plowing activities in real-time.
Ensure comprehensive coverage to prevent missed roads.

Key Features

Elevate your winter operations to new heights with Fleetistics. Our comprehensive suite of tools enables you to navigate winter challenges with confidence, keeping your community safe and mobile. Don’t just manage your fleet; master your winter operations with Fleetistics.

Automated reporting

Simplify regulatory compliance and billing with automated reports on salt usage, plowing activity, and driver performance.

Active tracking

Monitor the location of every vehicle in your fleet in real time, enabling proactive dispatching and route optimization.

Accurately measure winter equipment usage

Track the usage of plow blades, salt spreaders, and other winter equipment to optimize maintenance schedules.

Idling and fuel consumption trend reports

Identify opportunities to reduce fuel costs and improve environmental impact by analyzing idling and fuel consumption trends.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule maintenance proactively based on real-time vehicle data, preventing unexpected breakdowns and downtime.

Real-time reporting on salt usage

Monitor salt consumption in real time to ensure optimal spread rates and minimize waste.

The Geotab Advantage

Fleetistics isn’t just a provider of solutions; we’re your ally in conquering winter challenges. By embracing our innovative tools and technologies, you empower your Winter Operations Team to deliver unparalleled services, ensuring the safety and well-being of your community. Choose Fleetistics for a winter operations strategy that doesn’t just meet expectations – it exceeds them.

Winter Operations

Get the tools for a winter operations strategy

  • Automated reporting for regulatory compliance and billing
  • Active tracking for winter maintenance vehicles
  • Accident detection with real-time notifications
  • Accurately measure winter equipment usage
  • Route optimization for reduced mileage
  • Idling and fuel consumption trend reports
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Real-time reporting on salt usage

Proven Success in Real-World Conditions: City of Austin, Texas

Geotab was successfully put to the test in February 2021 during Winter Storm Uri. The once-in-a-century storm caused massive power loss and a boiled water event over a weeks-long period.
City of Austin, Texas


“Asset tracking from a fiduciary and transparency perspective makes sense. With GPS and telemetry there is no better way to track drivers and vehicles and keep them safe.” — Rick Harland, Assistant Director, Fleet Mobility Services, City of Austin, Texas

The City of Austin, Texas’ fleet operations services an inter-city region of 4,200 square miles and needed an enterprise solution to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase its safety profile. It found a solution in Geotab, which was successfully put to the test in February 2021 during Winter Storm Uri. The once-in-a-century storm caused massive power loss and a boiled water event over a weeks-long period.

Benefits of Winter Operations

Winters can be relentless, but with Fleetistics by your side, your Winter Operations Team becomes a force to be reckoned with. Here are the key benefits of optimizing your winter operations with Fleetistics:

Enhanced Community Safety

Minimize accidents and collisions on icy roads, creating safer travel conditions for residents and commuters. Ensure emergency responders can reach their destinations swiftly, saving crucial minutes in critical situations.

Cost-Efficient Salt Management

Monitor salt usage in real-time to optimize spread rates and prevent waste. Reduce costs by using salt more efficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamline plowing activities through real-time monitoring, ensuring all roads are addressed promptly. Minimize downtime and maximize productivity, keeping roads clear for smooth traffic flow.

Preventive Maintenance and Asset Longevity

Regularly monitor and maintain winter fleet vehicles to prevent breakdowns during crucial times. Prolong the lifespan of your fleet assets with proactive maintenance strategies.

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