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OBD Y Harness

Why are Adaptor Harnesses Important?

This is quite an important subject to understand for fleets with mixed vehicle tracking needs. The GO System is the only vehicle tracking system that uses the same GPS device for all vehicles, just change the adaptor harness. The GO System has harnesses that work from small cars with OBD, to large tractor trailers with J-1939 connectors. By having one device customers get consistent performance and tracking data. It also makes it very practical to do self installs which can save a lot of money for a fleet managers.

With about 10% of your fleet turning over annually, the flexibility of universal adaptor harness means time and money saved. If you still want professional installations, find an installer at VehicleInstallers.com for all aftermarket fleet technology.

Universal HD Adaptor Harness

The universal HD harness for the trucking industry means less installation time and hassle because you always have the right harness permanently installed. You cannot get engine data if you do not have the right harness and have to do a 3-wire installation instead. Simply find the right connector type, put it on the HD harness and replace the one in the truck.

We have used 3 of the harnesses so far and are pleased with the results. It came with all of the mount types we have run into in the past. It was easy to see which attachment we needed and also simple to swap to the appropriate one.

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Flexible Harness Options

Adaptor harnesses enable fleet managers to work with a wide variety of fleet vehicles and assets. When fleets have many types of vehicles some GPS tracking systems might work for most of the vehicles, but might not work well across the entirety of the fleet. The GO device is the common variable and acts as the brains of the operation while harnesses enable interfacing with many different fleet systems or vehicle types.

J Bus Harness
OBD Y Harness

Universal OBD Adaptor Harness

Since not all OBD connectors are the same an industry first universal harness has been developed. The OBD on an F-150 is different than an OBD on a Sprinter. Chevrolet has its own configuration and protocols adding to the overall complexity. The universal harness helps ease installation of the GO GPS tracking system which utilizes any OBD port.

Universal GPS 3-Wire Adaptor Harness

On some assets and vehicles a 3-wire harness will be needed due to a lack of a working OBD or J-Bus port for GPS vehicle tracking.

Other installation options include the IOX expander. IOX expanders enable interaction between the GO GPS tracker and third party aftermarket technology used by fleet operators such as Garmin units, smart phones or tablets. There are over 100 integration partners that significantly expand the possibilities for fleet customers.

3 wire adapter harness