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Affordable Dashcam Protection

Experience Peace of Mind with Fleetistics CrewChief Dashcams: Your Solution to Accurate Accident Reconstruction and Driver Safety. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to confidence with our advanced dashcams, ensuring every detail is captured for seamless accident analysis and safeguarding your drivers on the road.

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Pay a small monthly service fee + just the data used. If you do not use it, pay just the low service fee.

Why buy data you may never use?


Fleetistics will match the dashcam features, to the dashcam pricing and your budget.

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How is CrewChief going to help you?

If you are looking for a dashcam system that is designed specifically for low-usage fleets and insurance requirements, the CrewChief Solution is the perfect solution for you.


Reduces insurance costs

Many insurance companies offer discounts for using dash cam systems.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Save money without sacrificing safety – an industry-first pricing model.

Protects drivers and assets

Records high-quality video footage for accident or incident protection.

Spot check driver activity

Ensure safe driving and compliance with company policies.
CrewChief Dashcam Dashboards

Bundle and Save

Add the Fleetistics ONE GPS & telematics unit and save 50% of the equipment investment and $5/mo off the normal individual service rates when combined.

Mention DriveTRAX™ and get one year of free “How’s My Driving?” service.

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DriveTRAX - How's My Driving Program

DriveTRAX – How’s My Driving Program


“You were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and were able to keep pace with me as we navigated through the screens. Job well done and would strongly recommend your help to others”


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DashCams with Dashboards

Bundle & Save Even More

Solutions for all your fleet management needs.

Fleet Dashcam
One Platform

Bundle with GPS Tracking

Bundle with the Fleetistics ONE GPS tracking system and get an upgraded UI, map indicators and mobile app viewing. This combination provides one of the most affordable GPS + dashcam solutions on the market.

Go Platform

Bundle with Geotab

If you want to bundle with the industry premier GPS tracking and telematics system from Geotab, save on the monthly service fees but view from two dedicated cloud applications. Geotab offers best in class fleet telematics and hundreds of integrations. 

Highly Integrated Design

The Crew Chief CC00T2 utilizes a dual-camera form factor. Two cameras are integrated into a single unit that provide forward facing recording of the road and a rear facing camera to observe driver dynamics.

Emergency Button

In the event of an accident, the driver can request help with a single click, increasing the speed and efficiency of rescue response. The Crew Chief CC00T2 DashCam improves driver safety.

Driver’s Behavior Analysis

The Crew Chief CC00T2 improves driver safety and behavior by providing data-driven coaching opportunities by reporting behavior such as aggressive driving.

Event Based Video Uploads

The Crew Chief CC009 automatically uploads videos of harsh events, collisions, near misses, and distracted driving events. This provides managers with actionable information within minutes of an incident.

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