Fleet Management Portal

Fleet Management Portal

Convenient single sign on to all resources and systems

Fuel Management Dashboard

Fuel Management Dashboard

Custom dashboards combining data from multiple sources

Fleet Management System

Convenient Tools for Large Fleets

Easily order new equipment, monitor system status, review quotes, contact support and access training in one location.


GPS tracking, help desk, invoicing, training, re-ordering, news and custom integration in one portal.

Custom Data

Data source options – MySQL, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL, SQL Svr, BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure, Heroku

Time is Money

Installation is short-term, GPS program management is long-term

Why is a fleet management portal important?

Speed and efficiency is the key. With large fleets, every step you have to take to resolve an issue or find the information you want means getting farther behind. An environment that layers on top of, and integrates with, multiple GPS system means Fleetistics can do things no other company in the industry can do. One example of this is the 3 GPS tracking platforms available from without the Fleetistics portal. This enables customers to have some vehicles on a more expensive and capable system while cargo container inventory can be done by another system for 70% less.

Large and Enterprise Class Fleets

Training ensure largest possible ROI

MyFleetView Pro

Custom links to share with employees, customers or on website

Custom Analytics

Most GPS systems provide some level of dashboard and report filtering but there are limits. Fleetistics offers custom dashboarding outside the GPS system which removes restrictions imposed when developing for the average customer. Fleetistics is able to bring in data from multiple data sources and produce customer views designed by the customer. This may entail GPS tracking data and fuel data, sales data, accident data or customer cancellations. Data can be access from almost all major data providers such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Oracle.

Integrated Support

In most situations support is managed through a second portal using a product like ZenDesk. This means users have to switch between websites and the GPS system data is not integrated. With the MyFleetistics fleet management portal, custom tools have been created to tie GPS device data, system data and help services in one location and view. In small fleets this is not that important. When you manage a thousand vehicles, every minute counts. When a case is created you can monitor the progress of the support team in real-time without having to call, login to another portal or do anything special. Simply click the icon.

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