Fleet Maintenance

Scheduled v. Unscheduled Downtime

Complete engine diagnostics to reduce maintenance costs

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Fleet Maintenance  for Engine Diagnostics

Many Fortune 500 companies deploy GPS tracking solutions and benefit from saving hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars on fuel costs. Effectively reduce fuel costs by reducing driver idling time, speeding, fast acceleration, and more. Savings and ROI can be seen in under 90 days!

  • Track Fuel Consumption
  • Better Trip Planning with Route Optimization
  • Detect Engine Issues
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

Track Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficiency reports give side-by-side fuel consumption data for all your fleet vehicles. To help you improve your fleet’s fuel economy, Fleetistics keeps track of driving behaviors that directly lead to increased fuel costs. You can also compare drivers or vehicles with one another to target areas for improvement.

Optimize Routes for Fewer Miles

Route optimization can occur at many levels. Optimization will occur when dispatchers know which vehicle is near the next service call, drivers can see their routes on the map and find inefficiencies and data can be put into a robust routing program. Simply having a map where you can see vehicles operating in the same area at the same time can quickly provide a complete ROI. Read more

Vehicle Maintenance

Planned v. Unplanned Maintenance.

Prioritize vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults. Depending on your engine, they will also produce a range of useful information. By focusing on predictive engine health, you will see savings by being pro-active and working with service technicians to find the core issue. Read more

Reduced Wear & Tear

Even the simplest vehicle repairs can be very costly to your bottom line, especially if you have multiple vehicles on the road. Fleetistics’ powerful and industry leading fleet tracking technology helps stop and prevent vehicle abuse.

Harsh Driving Detected

Watch how the accelerometer captures harsh driving that increases maintenance costs and reduces vehicle life.



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